Wendy O. Williams

 May 28, 1949 - April 6, 1998

NOTE: This memorial guestbook was launched on April 6, 1999, one year after Wendy's death and has thousands of entries. Several months ago we launched an official MySpace Tribute page designed to replace this guestbook. We are still taking entries here if you cannot access MySpace, but if you can we encourage you to join us, become our Friend on the MySpace page, and post your tribute there.

April 6, 2001
Today marks the third anniversary of Wendy's death and in a world of hypocrites, wouldbees, wannabees, and imitators she is missed more than ever before. Fortunately for us her memory lives on in the awesome work she left behind and also in this awesome site. Thanks to all of you who've made it what it is. All of your memories make it real. The guestbook continues to be divided into four sections. The first ("View Guestbook: Archive 1") is an archive of all the entries thru June 11, 1999, the second ("View Guestbook: Archive 2") includes all the entries from June 11 thru October 25, and the third ("View Guestbook: Archive 3") includes all the entries from October 25 thru Janurary 9, 2000. The fourth section ("Make and Entry") is where you can make an entry and view entries from January 9, 2000 to the present. Again thanks to all of you for making this the awesome tribute it is, and most of all, of course, it all goes to Wendy for being the utterly awesome person she was, and giving us all she did. So read the book, make an entry, and spread the word. Long live...the greatest! Wendy, we miss you and love you more than ever before.

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